New Pedal-Powered Scooter Makes Waves Across America; PUMGO SCOOTER provides Fun and Fitness for Kids and Adults

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Atlanta, GA. April 24, 2009 – The Pumgo Scooter is a new way to ride that promotes fun and fitness for kids and adults. The recently launched Pumgo is the world's first pedal-powered scooter which combines the excitement of free-riding with the health benefits of a full body cardiovascular workout. Say goodbye to boring gym workouts. The Pumgo Scooter provides the balanced exercise of indoor fitness equipment in the great outdoors, offering a new physical activity that’s fit for fun!

The Pumgo Scooter is driven by two reciprocal pedals similar to the up-down motion of a stair-climber machine. By pumping the pedals in alternating motion, the rider propels the scooter forward with the full force of their body weight. Kids over eight love the smooth gliding motion while adults appreciate the heart pumping workout that tones the lower body.

The innovative Pumgo Scooter was invented by Dr. Hui Yan, a Clemson graduate with two PhD degrees who noticed that people seemed bored during their indoor gym workouts. When he overheard a man complain that the stair-climber left him with "nowhere to go," Yan was struck with a flash of inspiration and the Pumgo Scooter was conceived. “I realized that people would enjoy working out more if they weren’t staring at a blank wall,” Yan says. “ The motion of the stair-climber could be replicated on a pedal scooter in a way that would let people enjoy themselves while they burned calories and strengthened muscles.”

Yan used his engineering and design skills to build a prototype of the Pumgo Scooter. It was an immediate hit with family and friends. The additional benefits of the Pumgo Scooter were quickly realized: its fun to ride, provides a balanced workout and is ideal for getting around.

The Pumgo Scooter’s strong aluminum alloy frame easily supports an adult’s full body weight and the three wheeled design is stable and safe with a low center of gravity. The adjustable handlebar and a quick-release system allow the scooter to fold up into a compact and portable unit that fits in a car trunk or under a desk.

The health benefits of the Pumgo Scooter are well-documented. Dr. Dan Batchelor from Atlanta, who specializes in sports medicine, stresses the importance of a balanced workout. “Push scooter riding and skateboarding only work one side of the body, leading to lower back pain and muscle imbalance,” he says. “The Pumgo Scooter, however, is a symmetrical exercise designed to strengthen both sides of the body. It delivers a faster more efficient workout time than running or biking. And of course the Pumgo is a thrill to ride.” Dr. Batchelor believes the Pumgo Scooter has value in a variety of areas: a fitness tool for all ages, an answer to child obesity and an activity the whole family can enjoy. “The Pumgo is common ground to bring families together. That says it all.”

For fitness, fun or getting around, the Pumgo Scooter is an innovative concept in human powered transportation and recreation. Once you ride a Pumgo, you’ll be hooked for life...and health!

The Pumgo Scooter is currently available online (at $299 retail price) and in sporting goods and toy stores nationwide in the summer of 2009. Visit the Pumgo web site at to order and for more information including video, interactive content, dealer information and other Pumgo products.

  • Check out the Pumgo video on YouTube .
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